Conditions of Car Park Use

4. Conditions of Car Park Use

Conditions of use of Exmouth RFC car parking facilities:

  • PARKING PERMIT MUST DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES when parking at the Club. (Self cling window permit at Top/Bottom corner of window on the passenger side, UK cars).
  • Charges may be applied to use the car park.
  • Parking permits are issued according to the grade of membership or upon payment of an additional fee.
  • All white lines must be adhered to when parking, and white hatched areas must be kept clear at ALL times.
  • The permit is non transferable and is issued to that member only.
  • On match days (Saturdays and some Sundays) the Club may charge for parking.
  • Parking will be restricted or not permitted to use the car park if requested via occasional notice (anticipated as 6 days a year).
  • Parking your car for longer than 36 hours in one period requires written permission from the Club Management Group prior to the commencement of the stay. This letter must be left on display (able to be read from outside the car) on the drivers side.
  • The car park must not be used for storage. Unless by prior written agreement.
  • Any vehicle parked illegally that has no vehicle excise duty will be reported to the DVLA and EDDC who will instigate action.
  • No large trucks or HGVs are permitted to use the car park.
  • Any car parked in contravention of these conditions will have parking privileges removed if a member. Any charges incurred by unauthorised use will be passed to the registered owner who will have to pay the company/individual providing the service. This charge may include fee’s for release, storage, removal and administration.
  • Exmouth Rugby Football Club accepts no liability for cars parked, this is solely at the owners risk.
  • Replacement permits will be charged at £25 and delivered within 7 working days.